Home Nursery

Al Razy Group for Home Health Care Services provides home nursing services by a competent and qualified nursing staff that has received specialized and intensive training from the largest hospitals in Cairo.

The nursing team has been trained to cover all the patient’s health needs:

•       Rehabilitation after surgery and wound care

•       Care for stool outside the abdominal wall and urinary catheter

•       Intravenous injection and intravenous drip irrigation

•       Treat skin ulcers and bedsores

•       Maternity and neonatal care

•       Complete CARE work for patients who are confined to a bed

Al Razy Group is not a home nursing center, but a full institution that provides you with these services through a qualified nursing team, under the supervision and in coordination with the doctors of the patients themselves, and under the direct supervision of our case coordinator.

Our prices are well suited to the quality of service provided and discounts are made for cases requiring continuous care.

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