Physiotherapy At Home

At Alrazy Group for Healthcare Services provides physiotherapy sessions at home by the best physiotherapists according to the needs of the case The session will be physiotherapy at home in conjunction with the orthopedic or neurosurgeon to determine the number of physiotherapy sessions and follow up the progress of the case.

Types of physiotherapy sessions at home

There are many physiotherapy sessions at home such as back and neck pain, for spinal pain, for joint pain and cartilage, can recover after stroke, spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis, paralysis, and pediatric diseases such as developmental delay and cerebral palsy.

In-home physiotherapy sessions for elderly diseases such as muscle impairment and motor inactivity, there are sports lesions such as muscle tears, cutting stiff ligaments and dislocation of the shoulder joint

Benefits of Natural Therapy at Home

We have found that in-home physiotherapy sessions increase the patient’s healing similarity, especially the elderly where we protect them from a new injury during the transition from place to place.

Physiotherapy also allows the doctor to assess the patient’s condition in his or her primary environment, thereby reducing the number of physiotherapy sessions and returning the patient to his or her normal condition faster.

The prices of at-home physiotherapy sessions from Alrazy Group are perfectly suited to the quality of the service provided, and save you the time, effort and money you spend in moving to the physiotherapy centers.

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