Elderly care at home

Older Persons’ Facilities

At Alrazy Group for Healthcare Services provides at-home elderly facilities by a trained staff of home nursing assistants or what is known as an elderly sitter, the seniors are trained to understand the needs of the elderly and deal with them with compassion and compassion
Older persons’ facilities (sitters of the elderly)
· Elderly escort (8 hours – 12 hours – 24 hours)
· Accompanying cases: (clots – Alzheimer’s in all stages – paralysis – bed sores – catheters – disabled – early aging – surgeries – bone fractures – sugar foot)
· Help the patient to the daily personal function and routine care work (shower + spare parts)
· Pressure and sugar measurement
· Giving injections whether muscular or insulin
· Follow-up medication and eating appointments
· Help the patient to move properly
· Care and rehabilitation for adults with disabilities at home
The facilities of the elderly are monitored and supervised by the medical team, which assesses the patient’s needs, monitors the progress of the patient’s condition and makes a medical file for the patient.
This service is based on the principle of full care for the elderly in their homes without the need to transfer them to a nursing home. This is better for them for their psychological condition and better for their social relatives. The prices of the service of the senior’s sitter from Alrazy Group are very suitable for the level of service provided.

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