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Alrazy Group for Healthcare Services provides home nursing service by a capable and qualified nursing staff to provide the required health care and support, in order to receive our specialized and intensive training, and by the major hospitals in Cairo. You can easily request a home visit from a nurse or even a resident nurse.
The home nursing team has been trained to cover all the patient’s health needs:
· Post-surgical rehabilitation and wound care
· Care for stool vents outside the abdominal wall and urinary catheter
· Intravenous injection therapy and intravenous drip at home
· Dealing with skin sores and treatment of bed sores
· Maternity and neonatal care
· Full care work and accommodation for bed survivors
· Care and treatment of sugary foot
· Care and treatment of bedsore
· Care for bone fractures at home
Alrazy Group is not just a home nursing center but a full institution that offers you these services through a qualified nursing team to carry out these tasks, under the supervision and coordination of the patients themselves, and under the direct supervision of our case coordinator. Whether with home nursing visit or full nursing stay.
Alrazy Group home nursing rates are well suited to the level of service provided and discounts are made for cases requiring continuous care.

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