Special medical programs

Special medical programs

Because At Alrazy Group for Healthcare Services is always keen to provide a distinctive home medical service, we have designed a range of specialized programs
Bone fracture care programmed
The first specialized program for the care of bone fracture patients at home after operations, which includes all the needs of the patient
· Having a resident nursing assistant with the patient, change on the wound,
• Radiation work at home
· Work physiotherapy sessions at home
· Home visit by orthopedist to follow up
· Home visit by an elderly doctor for elderly patients to follow up on old age diseases
All this is done in full coordination with the attending physician
Diabetes Care programmed
The first specialized program for diabetes care at home is suitable for elderly diabetics and large weights, which includes everything that diabetics need
· Home detection of endocrinologist and sugar
· Home detection of neurosurgeon doctor to treat peripheral neuritis
· Home examination and follow-up of a spare surgery doctor on the sugar foot
· Make a blood sugar analysis table to know the appropriate insulin dosage accurately
· Measuring sugary hemoglobin to monitor the effectiveness of sugary control
· Follow-up kidney function to detect early dysfunction
· Home detection consultant therapeutic nutrition to determine the right food for the sugar patient

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